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Stöð 2 is an Icelandic television channel, owned and operated by 365. Founded in 1986, It was the first privately owned television station in Iceland following the lifting of the state monopoly on television broadcasting. Sister channels under the Stöð 2 name include Stöð 2 Extra, Stöð 2 Sport and Stöð 2 Bíó. Stöð 2 is second oldest private television station in the Nordic countries, after MTV3 in Finland.

Stöð 2
The Stöð 2 logo
Launched 9 October 1986
Owned by 365
Country Iceland
Website Official Site



Icelandic programmesEdit


  • Fréttir, an evening news program, every evening at 6:30 pm
  • Ísland í dag, "Iceland Today", a daily magazine covering various aspects of life in Iceland such as politics, culture and entertainment. It also includes sport, news and weather
  • Spaugstofan, comedy show
  • Sjálfstætt fólk, "independent people" interview program with Jón Ársæll Þórðarson and Steingrímur Jón Þórðarson
  • Algjör sveppi
  • Stóru málin


Imported programmingEdit

Most of the foreign programs are from United States or United Kingdom: included or previously included:

Future showsEdit


For childrenEdit

Children's programmes include:

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